Sensory Bottles Galore!

I have a fascination with sensory bottles. Glitter sensory bottles, water sensory bottles, nature sensory bottles, noise maker sensory bottles…well, you get the idea. I decided to do some research today to find some more unique/out of the norm sensory bottles that I could make and bring to work with me to share with the kiddos. There are some pretty creative mommies and teachers out there! Here’s what I found:


BhoomPlay has a completely brilliant sensory bottle idea; a jelly-fish in a bottle! This is perfect for a unit on water creatures or the science of how things float. I can’t wait to try this one out!



Great idea on a static-electricity sensory bottle from My Buddies and I blog.




hushbottleFound the gorgeous “Hush Bottle” from In Lieu of Preschool. These glitter-filled sensory bottles are given to children to help them self-calm.


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